Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Ethan and I just got back from vacation, where we flew to Washington State (ok, we got back last Wednesday...so I'm slow. whatever.). We had a grand ole time. It was a time of playing with my parents 7 (yes. 7.) pygmie goats. And a time of Barbeques. We also went to the county fair. And the zoo. And the mall (this is only significant because I hadn't been to an actual mall in YEARs. Also. I bought myself some much needed clothes).

Vacations, when my parents are involved, are never terribly relaxing. In fact, we usually need a vacation from the vacation, just to feel rested. This one wasn't as bad as normal. But I still didn't get to sleep in at all. And my mom got kind of annoyed if we woke her up before like 8:30. That didn't stop me though. I figured that if I have to be awake at 6 am- so should everyone else!

All in all, it was a good, MUCH needed break from work. And it was so fun seeing Ethan run with glee to give my parents a hug. Oh. and my mom taught Ethan to throat punch people. yes. THROAT PUNCH. That's actually not as bad as it sounds...but it IS as funny! My mom used to help with speech therapy. So she was trying to teach Ethan to say the "g" sound. Apparently they way that you do that is by putting the kid's hand on your throat and making the sound. Ethan thinks this is about the funniest thing you could possibly do. And he gets very excited and punches you in the throat. Thanks mom.

Since then, Ethan's final molar (until he gets his 2 year molars) has FINALLY pushed it's way through the gums. That was NOT a fun day.

I got moved to a new office AGAIN. This move should be pretty permanent...and I think I'll like it WAY better than the last office. But anyhow...work....bleh....

I want to revamp this blog. I'm not liking the look. And I'm not sure about the name. Too bad I'm kind of dumb with this stuff and don't really know how.
Sweet! 2 hours till I get off work!!

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Carly said...

Sorry we didn't meet up earlier this month but I'm glad to read you made it back safely to CA!

Also, please send me pics of Ethan and mini goats. I want to see cuteness in photo-form.