Thursday, September 28, 2006

Because it’s pretty amazing when he’s only 18 months old!!

I am just barely awake this morning at quarter to 6. Ethan is full of vip and vigor. He practically jumps out of bed and pushes the bathroom door open. I warn him that he better not play in the toilet water. He doesn’t. Instead, he goes up to the toilet, pats the seat of it, and says “pee-pees” and then he proceeds to grab himself.

I asked if he needed to go pee-pee. He looks at me with a frantic look in his eye and again says “pee-pees”. So I strip his PJs off, take his diaper off, and I plop him right on the big boy toilet. And then I waited. Waited for something- anything- to happen. But after 5 minutes I got tired of crouching and holding him on the seat. We decide to watch Elmo instead.

On our way to the living room, he sees his little potty. And again he says “pee-pees” while he grabs at himself some more. So I put him on the training potty. But he doesn’t go pee-pee. Nope. He pooped! He was really excited about the whole thing (as was I) and was clapping and saying “big boy, big boy”!!!

Now. I don’t know if he’s early or right on time…but I was seriously impressed.


Anonymous said...

You'll be sorry when the Pigeons talk over the world!!!


Andrew said...

Yeah its true...

Thank you very much...

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